I feel like I’m drowning in ice water 我感觉像溺在冰水中渐渐失去力气

My lips have turned a shade of blue 嘴唇也染上些许蓝色 I’m frozen with this fear 我在恐惧中慢慢冻结 That you may disappear 害怕你会突然不辞而别 Before I’ve given you the truth 就在我告诉你真相之前 I’ll bleed my heart out on this paper for you 我将心划破,血写一封信 So you can see what I can’t say 你就会明白我开不了口的那些 I’m dying here (I’m dying here) 我会在这里行将就木 ‘Cause I can’t say what I want to 因为我说不出那些我想做的 I’ll bleed my heart out just for you 我将流尽心里的最后一滴血,只为了你 I’ve always dreamed about this moment 我一直在幻想这一刻 And now it’s here and I’ve turned to stone 现在终于如愿,我也被你石化 I stand here petrified 我无法自拔地僵硬在这里 As I look you in your eyes 当我注视着你的眼睛 My head is ready to explode 我的头就沸腾地快要爆炸 了Black and white and red 以我的血清清楚楚地写着 For all the times  那些一直以来Those words were never said 我没办法说出口的语言